Cement Plants

Cement Plant are basically large Capital and Energy intensive manufacturing Units. Therefore, it calls for focus-full attention to track and control all stages of manufacturing processes. They are required to operate at high run factor to achieve better productivity and efficiency. More so, the industry is prone to pollution at different stages of material handling and its operation i.e. from mines to packing plant and thereafter, till it goes out at final destination. The in-process raw material needs to be handled with great care so as to minimize losses, optimize processes and make operation safe and environment friendly.

Approaches…To achieve the objective “DENIS”can provide and deliver…………

  • Organize and develop better plant lay-out. Need base support for Erection and commissioning.
  • Facilitate in developing good operating systems to work with – Operation and Maintenance Management Systems
  • Plan and Execute major / abnormal Repairs.
  • Developing Productivity and Efficiency improvement Plans.
  • Extend services during Execution of Major Jobs, ensuring Quality of standards
  • Can arrange for Energy Audit and Solutions to optimize the Energy consumption.
  • Refectory Management – Includes failure analysis , selection and Installation
Specifics…Brief summary of jobs, company intends to carry out on
Mechanical Maintenance
  • Lime Stone Crusher – Replacement of Cr Rotor assemblies including associated attachments.
  • Raw Mill (Ball Mills &VRMs) – It includes, complement revamping i.e. replacement of Roller Liners, Roller and other major attachment. Do take up major Gear Box overhauls with specialized team of Engrs and technicians
  • Pyro- Section (Pre-heater, Kilns, Cooler, Transport and Coal Mill)- The jobs on Cyclones at pre-heater tower, Kiln (Shell, S/Rs, Tyre, Drive Station and onother internal part of kiln), Cooler internal component replacement as well as repairs on coal Mill can be arranged and executed.
  • Cement Mills and Packing Plant-Like wise Major jobs in Cement Mills and Packing Plant can also be taken up.
  • Other Supportive Equipment-In this area, equipments such as Fans, Compressors, Pumps and different Transport/conveying equipment are Elevators and Air Slides.
  • Erection and commissioning- We can also arrange and take up installation of new Equipments.
  • Run Factor of Main Equipment- Element wise data collection, their root cause analysis will support the establishment of implementation plan to improve upon RF of main Equipments, thereby achievement in terms of availability, productivity enhancement, maintaining quality requirement and as a result in meeting business objectives.
High HP Gear Boxes
The inspection and Overhaul of all verity of gear boxes can be taken by our staff and seniors partners who have got years of experience in the line. Adjustment and settings of their mechanical components can be done under their direct supervision. Our experts, serviced Gear Boxes as high power as equivalent to around 5500 KW.
  • Erection and Commissioning of G/B can be executed on all rating up to as mentioned above.
  • Inspection and repairs can be planed as per client’s requirement.
  • Study on failure analysis and needed action to avoid repetition can be suggested.
Process Optimization
We have Sr. officers, who have got in-depth knowledge and years of work experience, specifically in cement plant commissioning, process and operation control.
  • The Key areas covered under this category are Raw Mill (Ball Mills and VRM), Pyro- Section (Kiln& Coal Mills -DCSoperation). Cement Mills and Packing Plant also through DCS operation.
  • The approach adopted is-Understanding of historical data collected, analysis followed by and channeling them with scientific logic to arrive on solution for implementation.
  • Based on observations made after implementation of scheme, the results will be demonstrated for positive change in terms of business parameters.
Refractory Management – Trouble Shooting, Selection and Installation
We can offer customized solution through our process expertise team and channel partners. Experienced Staff and technicians can be made available on request to resolve the issues related to refractory management. The scope covers-Trouble Shooting, Selection and Installation of Refractory material with the view to optimize its life pattern and process conditions.
Energy Management- Audit and Optimization
Under the domain, we can organize study on energy consumption for both on thermal and electrical front. Based on study analysis on, “Actual and optimum,” implementation plan can be suggested. Evenjointly associate in the execution plan.Some of the areas, to look at are…..VFD installation, impeller trimming, avoidance of double handling, improving run factor and optimization of capacity utilization.
Usage of AFR
Use of green energy source i.e. biomass and other residual waste can be substituting for conventional fossil fuel, has drawn attention, not only reducing cost but also necessarily to reduce impact on environment.
Supplementary Assignments, the company is willing to take are………
  • Implementation of TPM methodology in the operating system. Like-wise safety Systems.
  • Study and analysis to optimize inventory levels of stores and spares.
  • Other than assignment cement plants, Mechanical fabrication and erection jobs (structural and machinery) can be taken as per the drawings and specifications provided.
  • Skill development Programs for Technicians and Engrs can be organized. Like-wise managerial competency programs.
  • Take up and support in “Recruitment Process” to identify and place right people at right place.
  • “O&M“ management–Mode of assignment to work with.

The available, expertise in the area can contribute in reducing energy cost of manufacturing.